I never run through the airport for the fear of seeming suspicious. You see, my hijab makes people just a tad bit inclined to stare. And hesitant to sit beside.

I celebrated a small victory. I went through security. They normally stop me for questioning, red flag my bags, pat me down, dig under my hijab and search my hair, test my carry on for chemicals, etc. This time I didn’t have to take off my shoes and simply went through a metal detector. I asked the lady if that was it, because that has never been the treatment I have ever received. I was shocked and she was annoyed. I’m pretty sure she would have frisked me down had I not just shut up and accepted my good fate.

In between my flights in my layover in Dallas, I posted what I felt to be a win on Facebook. A law professor that I have the pleasure of knowing told me “Don’t take it as a sign that TSA is getting better.” I thought to myself, “I wont. It’s a sign that America is getting better.”

As an African American, hijab wearing Muslim woman, I don’t get a lot of wins in society. I took pride in that moment, I took pride in my country just a little bit. Then I got home and started unpacking. In between my pants and my sweaters was a note from the TSA that they have inspected the contents if my luggage and that they are not responsible for anything broken or damaged.

Proud moment over.


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