I don’t wanna grow up.

I just want my childhood back.
Where the aches and pains that I feel in my heart were nonexistent.
Where I didn’t care for the attention of a boy, I just wanted to ride his bike.
Where when he teased my, I stood tall with my flat chest out, and simply punched him in the face.

I just want my childhood back.
Where we would play outside for hours.
Where we couldn’t wait to come home from school so we could jump out of our uniforms, and throw on some shorts and pick up where we left off the day before.
Where we fell down, got scrapes and bruises, and wore them around like badges of honor. Not like today where our scrapes and bruises are so shameful, we would never want to be reminded of them.

I just want my childhood back.
Where it didn’t matter what you had on, or if you copped those new Jays. As long as it didn’t hinder your ability to play the next game.
Where it didn’t matter if you were cute or not, being cool was based on your physical abilities like climbing a tree.
Where we had simple fun, not like kids these days, glued to their video games.
Where we had the option of playing video games, but chose to go outside instead.

I just want my childhood back.
Where our biggest responsibility was finishing our food at the table and making sure our bed was made.
Where we never even dreamed about marriage, college, graduate school, loans, cars, and our future. We were worried about trying to get our homework done in time for school the next day.
Where our biggest punishment was not being able to play with our friends or watch TV, not this reoccurring guilt that is laden with us every single day.
Where our biggest disappoint was getting ready to sit down in front of the TV for Saturday morning cartoons and finding out that your siblings finished all the milk.

I just want my childhood back.
Where I could step onto of my daddy’s toes and dance the night away.
Where if there was anything we were afraid of, we could get our bigger brother and know that everything will be okay because he was there to protect you.
Where all we cared about was trying to figure out a way to convince our mothers that we REALLY needed cake, candy, ice cream, and soda. All in that order.

I just want my childhood back.
Where we had confidence and were secure in who we were, enough to stand up for ourselves.
Where we aspired to be just like our parents: Adults who could drive to the store and had enough money to buy whatever a kid could desire.
Where life was an infinite possibility and no one could tell you otherwise.

I just want my childhood back.
Where my heart never got broken, and I didn’t have to feel guilty or sad for breaking someone else’s heart.
Where the only thing guys wanted was to be your friend so he could play with your toys or ride your bike. Not a one night stand.
Where we didn’t have high expectations of the world, only for them to be crushed and thrown back in our faces.
Where your trust was never broken.

I simply want my childhood back.
Where I was happy and free.
Where I was innocent.
And where all was right in the world.


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