Dear future hubby…

Dear future hubby,
I’ve always been a sucker for a well-dressed man
So on this day, I ask that you bring you’re a game
We all know I be on my suit and tie ish
I need a man that can hold his own. I wanna have that power couple status hash tag
I wanna be on that tumblr reblogging type swag
Gotta look as good in jeans and a hoody as you would in a 3 piece suit
Versatility and functionality is what I seek
A double breasted, double Windsor, double shot, easy on the whip cream ,
Sounds like a perfectly orchestrated musical symphony created exclusively for my listening pleasure
I want to sit in your lap and play in your wild and untamed beard,
Admiring you as you follow the Sunnah of the prophet (s), while we sit here discussing politics.
Cultured, compassionate, understanding, with a little bit of history
I like them like I like my coffee
Sweet, strong, tall, dark, and lovely, with a hint of cream
With your beautiful curves and radiating silhouettes,
You were fearfully and wonderfully made,
Fashioned out of clay into these beautiful creatures
Google the words “Black men”
They portray you as nothing but a sex symbol
They took the chains from around your wrists and placed them around your necks
Closer to your brain so they could constrict your blood flow,
Controlling your every thought
Blaxploitation at its finest

Dear future hubby,
As much as I would like for you to get your grown and segxy on,
I need you to open up a book and read
Pick up a pen and piece of paper and write
Instead of rewriting the past, make a place for us in the future
Because with all the black on black crime, white on black crime, America on black crime,
We just might go extinct
We don’t need any more 2 chainz, Future’s, lil wayne’s, or Kirko’s.
Where are all the Martin’s, the Thurgood’s, the Booker T’s?
What happened to the men with courage and ambition like Obama?
With the passion for making a difference, for changing the world?
Ohh I forgot, all ya’ll care about is stacking your paper and pushing your Bentleys
So caught up in loving and chasing your possessions
And there’s nothing wrong with that
But as we move up, we need to pull others up with us
We need to end black on black crime and black on black hate
We need to promote black on black love and black on black peace and black on black understanding
Then maybe, just maybe, other people will take us seriously
Dear future hubby,
Is that too much to ask for?


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