Like the midnight sky on a winter night

Frost bite threatens to creep up upon our toes

While we lay asleep

Dreaming no little dreams

While black boys kill other black boys like cops and robbers,

But when we wake, it is no longer a game

Robbed of their innocence, hands up, don’t shoot.


The color of the blood that runs down the streets of

Ferguson, Missouri

Beavercreek, Ohio

Miami, Florida

Chibok, Nigerian

Durban, South Africa

No remorse, No love

Just a black hole in place of what once used to be a heart

Action dies behind these trending hashtags that suck our energy.


Like the melanin of my skin

Kissed by the lips of God

Glistening in the sun

While sent to the fields because it’s too dark to be considered beautiful.


Like the blood that flows down my legs

Because everyman wants to encompass the gem that lies between the two

Like the blood of forced entries and unwanted mixed babies

So we lie on these abortion tables, ready to kill the black race

Not knowing what it feels like to be loved

Broken home

Broken family

There is no love that lives here

So how can I love this child inside if me…

So we lie on the abortion tables, ready

Black don’t crack

But we stare through shards of broken glass

Blaming the mirror for the imperfections that we see

Searching for pieces of ourselves

When we need to be searching for peace within ourselves.


It’s time to celebrate the culture

Embrace the beautiful melanin that kisses our skin

The curls that hang high, reflecting our crowns

Be proud of black,

For we have overcome and endured so much

We have had dreams and made movement for change

150 years removed from slavery

We need to stand together and take that next step

The question is,

Will you be ready when the time comes?


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