There as so many blessing that come from the month of Ramadan. We’re only on day 13,  and I have already reflected on a lot of things that I struggle with. I felt the need to share.

Stressing out on things that I have no control over is the biggest challenge I face. Fearing the worst, I’m afraid of what will be said of my  past and afraid of what is to come in my future. I have this fear of the unknown, which I face every day. A good friend once said, “It’s not the unknown, it’s just written in invisible ink.” I hold on to that because it helps me reaffirm my trust in Allah, for he is all knowing and the best of planners. Return to Allah.

Desire is our enemy, when  we become slaves to it. Happiness is fleeting, no matter how hard you try to make it stay. Turn to Allah, for He will always be the answer.

This life is a test. We are going to continue to be tested until our eyes close permanently. There will be hardship and there will be difficulties. There will be moments of blessing and happiness. But in the midst of it all, you have to remember Allah. The good and the bad are tests. Return to Allah.

Shaythan and the Shayteen are locked up. Use Ramadan as a mirror to reflect on who you are. Depression, stress, happiness, love, family, sickness, friends, jobs, etc. Allah will present you with tests in every shape and form, use it as an opportunity to get closer to Allah. Return to Allah.

With hardship, comes ease. (Quran 94: 5-6)

The best blessing from Allah is the ease that comes after the hardship.  See the blessing in the hardship, because it could be worse. Don’t allow this dunya distract you from the bigger picture, from the ultimate goal. Use the dunya to help you achieve Jannah, raise your hands to Allah.

There are moments where everything you know will be challenged. Turn to Allah. Cry to Allah. Pray to Allah. Fear Allah. Because without Him, you will continue to stumble along in this life with no guidance and direction. Chasing the dunya with no idea of what to do next.

Use this month to reflect on your short comings, the challenges you face, and the sins you struggle with. Seek forgiveness, seek guidance, and pray for patience in dealing with yourself. Do not allow this month to pass you by, without making use of the opportunity to get closer to your Lord and emerge a stronger Muslim. And even on your best days, be grateful to Allah for pulling you out of those hard times.

This is a reminder to myself, and then to whomever else stumbles upon this. Masalama.


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