What does it mean to be human?
Sir, why so you ask me these questions
That I do not know the answer?
What does it mean to be human?
You are more than a brain and blood vessels that being oxygen to the heart.
You are more than lungs that fill with sweet air, with nostrils that filter out the tantalizing smell of hickory smoked chicken on the grill at your grandmother’s house on fourth of July.
You are more than  a student in a classroom who stares at the white board, filtering out the lies that the educations try to feed you.
You are more than a skinny girl with knobby knees in a sundress at the park on the swings where the boys taunt you and your older brother is your only image of a knight in shinning armor.
You are more than your sisters keeper, a protector of  the mistreated, or a piller of strength.
You are more than these images portray you as.
You are smart
And strong
And beautiful
And honest
And kind
And courageous
And important.
But most importantly,
you are human.
And you deserve to be treated as one,
No matter where you are on the face of this earth.
So children,
Hold your head up high and march forward,
In the direction of your future,
Our future,
And fight for what is right.
Be human.


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