Year Of Yes

(Written September 14th, 2016)

Yesterday was my oldest brothers birthday. Today is my mothers birthday. I am currently sitting in William P. Hobby Airport as I write this. Leaving my mother. In 12 days, I will be turning 24. My Kobe year. That realization is really starting to sink in.

My Jordan year has been very eventful. I got married and traveled more in that year that I have my entire life. I turned in my  first official letter of resignation.I can’t count moving to Jamaica in my list of accomplishments since it will actually take place while I am embarking on my Kobe year.

There is always this debate on who is greater, Jordan or Kobe. Their numbers are 23 and 24. I don’t know much about basketball, but I can’. But I have enjoyed adding these two remarkable players as the guiding light of my yearly journeys that I am haphazardly recording.

Recently, I was suckered into downloading audible because I wanted to read, “Year of Yes,” by Shonda Rhymes, but couldn’t find a copy in Lubbock and couldn’t justify the shipping price. 6 bucks.

In this “book” she tells us of the year that she spent saying yes to the things that scared her. Listening to it, really made me evaluate a lot of things in my life, and how I’ve allowed my fear to say no to so many opportunities that presented themselves in front of me. Ask any of my students, when that come to my office and say they have a questions, my first response is “No!” Before I’ve even heard the questions. I think to myself, I have already said yes to too many things, I do not have enough time, I’m busy, I’m tired, or I just want to watch TV. I was holding myself back because I had convinced myself that I had met my yes quota for the month.

In honor of Kobe, moving to a new country, and the wonderful new journey that I have said yes to, I have decide to embark on my own year of yes. Saying yes to the things that truly scare me, apart from things that would put me in harms way. Let’s see where it takes me.




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