Before I said goodbye…

June 6th: I turned my letter of resignation in to my boss. I gave him a 4 month notice. Everyone around me said I was stupid for giving him that much time, but I knew in my heart that it would be very difficult for me to walk away after giving a two week notice. Especially since my coworker walked in and gave her less than 2 weeks notice the very next day.

September 21st: My last day at work. All of our positions had been filled. I tried to give them my brain so they would be prepared for the task at hand. I may be small, but my shoes were tremendous. I kissed my babies, a promotion I turned down, and my office that I worked so hard on, good bye.

September 24th: I packed up my 774 sq ft. apartment in my parents mid sized SUV with my mattresses strapped to the top and we took off. It took my husband and I 12 hours and 7 stops to make it to Houston safely, Alhamdulillah. We spent the next 2 hours trying to unload the car because I was paranoid that someone would break into my car and steal my dollar tree organizers.

September 26th: I turned 24. I spent the day organizing my mothers kitchen (without her permission. She wasn’t exactly thrilled when she came home from work). We ate a beef and pineapple pizza with bbq sauce for dinner and my husband surprised me with an amazing cake that made me cry.

September 28th: I boarded a plane to Miami. We spent time with my husbands people who live out there.

September 29th: I finally boarded a plane to Kingston, Jamaica.

December 5th: I sit. Writing this. Reflecting on my life thus far. I try not to think about what is next because I do not have an answer to that question, and typically that is not a question I allow to go unanswered.

There is time. Even though it slips away from me each passing day. There is time…




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