Things not to say to a pregnant woman…

From the thoughts of a pregnant woman who is completely over your unsolicited opinions and advice.

  1. You look so tired.
  2. I just know you’re having twins.
  3. She isn’t strong enough to carry twins.
  4. You need to eat more, otherwise that baby is going to starve.
  5. How much weight have you gained?
  6. Are you sure you’re gaining enough weight?
  7. You’re getting huge.
  8. You need to eat more.
  9. Are you sure there’s just one in there?
  10. Next time you’ll have triplets.
  11. Should you be carrying that?
  12. Should you be eating that?
  13. Why are you wearing that?
  14. You should really have a natural birth, the way God intended. Epidurals are for women who are weak.
  15. You better accept the drugs. That’s what they’re made for.
  16. Breastfeeding will be too difficult for you. Just give the baby formula. It’s the same thing.
  17. Breastfeeding is the most natural way. Giving your baby formula is an abomination.
  18. I hope it’s a boy for your husband’s sake
  19. I hope it’s a girl for your sake.
  20. Aren’t you too young to be having a baby?
  21. Why haven’t you taken your birthing class yet?
  22. You’re not going to be prepared for that baby when it comes.
  23. Oh, so you’re going to stay a home…?
  24. Oh, so you’re going to go back to work and leave your baby…?
  25. Are you ready to give up Ramadan/fasting for the next 2 years?

People say the most offensive and rude things to pregnant women. A piece of advice, keep your opinion to yourself and allow her to enjoy her pregnancy.



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