Bitter Sweet

I graduated almost 5 years ago. I graduated early because I was in a rush to move on with the next phase of my life. That is something I’ve noticed looking back on my entire life. I was always in a rush to get through what I was doing, so I could move on to the next thing.

Today, I listened to a song called “Happy without me’ by Chloe x Halle and I was transported back in time to freshman year when I had no clue who I was or what I was doing. At that time I had been surrounded by so many incredible people who I thought at that moment, would be in my life forever. I had my college best friend who lived three floors above me that I was attached to at the hip, who I loved like no other. There were these amazing group of guys that we lovingly called “The Ethiopians” because they were obviously Ethiopian, but they had this incredible air about themselves that seemed so untouchable. I had these 2 Nigerian guys who took me under their wing and shortly became older brothers to me and taught me how to properly cook Nigerian food. lol.

There was one young lady who drove me insane and pushed every single button that I had. I almost wrote her off as a racist (she had some slick comments), but she had a strong spirit and challenged me on everything that I thought I believed. And her then fiance was just as annoying. There were a few Desi guys who had the sweetest disposition and were the comfort of the group. An Arab guy who was like my little big brother, even though he was older and bigger than me. Who I would introduce as my brother to everyone. And one guy who challenged everything that was conventional and did his own thing.

These people even know how they impacted my life at 17 and 18 years old. Listening to that song brought to mind each and every single one of them. Thinking back to how close we were then, the fun we had, and the memories we made back then. It’s definitely bitter sweet to see where they are all now.

I miss you guys. I pray that you are all happy.


With love,



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